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Medical Malpractice Pre-settlement Funding

The third leading cause of death in the United States as per the Journal of American Medical Association is medical malpractice. Involved in a medical malpractice lawsuit? Legal pre-settlement funding is here to provide funds for it. The cash is provided quickly and easily.

Medical-negligence, even if it is small, can have some life-changing consequences. The victim, as well as the family, suffers through these. It can cause life-long physical problems, and the financial crisis comes along with. The wait for the settlement takes a toll on the financial well-being of the victim. The consequences of medical negligence can be severe; people might have difficulty in doing everyday tasks like walking, sleeping, breathing and so on and in some cases normal becomes impossible.

These cases of medical negligence entitle the plaintiffs to a higher settlement amount. The severity of the damage is one of the main factors determining this amount. A study states that in 2012, $ 3 billion was paid out to the medically injured plaintiffs who either suffered from the hands of the doctor, nurses, medical staff and other medical personnel. Legal pre-settlement funding provides funding for the situations that are listed below-

  • Surgical infection
  • Hospital negligence and abuse
  • Improper medical prescription
  • Injuries caused by poorly chosen medical devices
  • Injuries caused as a result of poor surgery
  • The accidental implant of a medical device after surgery
  • Medical negligence
  • Mistreatment
  • Failure in diagnosis

Perks of pre-settlement funding-

Medical negligence in big hospitals and famous healthcare services is legally protected from claims and lawsuits. They put in a lot of money, to shield themselves from any cases. Since the healthcare sector is being over-protective, this particular litigation might take more time. It is disappointing to know that plaintiffs might be denied justice because of this. It is difficult to get a settlement while competing in a lawsuit with the medical healthcare industry.

It is obvious to the medical sector that the plaintiff will want an early settlement so as to stand back financially. Therefore, they will try and delay the settlement or offer poor compensation. Pre-settlement funding is that protects you from such harassment. Getting justice is every person's right, and at legal pre-settlement funding, it is our aim to help you get what you actually deserve. Thus, it removes the pressure of an early and minimal settlement.

We believe in providing high-quality customer service which is available 24/7. Get justice for the medical malpractice, get your funding now!

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