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IVC Filter Lawsuit Loans: Funds for justice

Did you suffer an injury from an IVC filter device? At Legal pre-settlement funding, we provide lawsuit loans for plaintiffs who have been wronged by medical devices. Now, victims can avail pre-settlement legal funding if they are implanted with defective IVC filters. You can have instant cash and while the case settles.

If you have a lawyer and have suffered injuries, we are here to provide the cash you need for your lawsuit. If you are eligible, there are no credit score checks and we provide 24-hour approval. We provide you risk-free funding, and the best part is you don't pay a penny if you end up losing the case.

Some people might not know what an IVC device is. For the clarification, it is a metal device which is small in size; designed to stop the clotting of blood. It is implanted in the vena cava, a large vein responsible for carrying deoxygenated blood into the heart. Every coin has its flipside; the defects of IVC filters were soon realized. Further, the studies point out that IVC filters have led to some serious injuries and death in some cases.

The doctors were continuously warned by the FDA to remove the filters once they served the purpose. They caused serious damage to the body including internal bleeding.

Eligibility criteria for IVC filter Lawsuit:

Bank loans are hard to get and the process is long. However, at Legal pre-settlement funding, your loan is passed smoothly and fast. The only criteria to qualify for a law funding are the availability of a lawyer and the injury that is caused by the IVC filter. The strength of the case and the worth (in dollars) determines the amount of funding you will get. Mostly, the IVC Filter case depends on the extent of damage it has done to the plaintiff. The general injuries for qualification are-

      Shortness of breath
      Chest pain
      Puncture wounds in vena cava
      Ventricular tachycardia
      Cardiac tamponade
      Filter breakage

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Why Us?

We aim at supporting the victims and encourage them to get justice. The IVC Filter companies will do their best to delay the settlement; we are here to fight till the end.

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