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Frequently Asked Questions!

How can I have the access to my loans or funds you offered?

We will transfer the amount directly to your account whether it is personal or business. You may get cash loans and advance as well.

What is non-recourse advance?

It is a category of advance which has to be returned only if the case settles in favour.

Do I owe anything if I lose my case?

No, not at all. You don't have to pay us back anything if the case doesn't settle in your favour.

How much funds or loans I can get?

We provide loans and funds of wide range. Basically it depends on the intensity of your case.

Do I qualify for loan or advance?

We provide all kinds of loans and advances ranging from personal injury(for plaintiffs) to business loans(for attorneys). You can give us a call to find the options we have for you.

What if I have very low credit score?

No issues, most of the services we provide, don't require any credit checks. No matter how low the credit score is you can still qualify for funds.

What cases do you fund plaintiffs?

We fund wide variety of cases such as vehicle accidents, wrongful death, medical malpractice and much more!

What are your charges?

We bet to be the best for you as we offer funds and loans on very affordable rates. For more information you can dial the toll free number.

How long does it take funds to reach its users?

We are very different from traditional style of banks. Whether be loans or advances, they reach their users as soon as the documentation process is complete. Usually users can get the funds within 24 hours from the completion of the process.

Do I need to keep the records of how I use the funds?

No! not at all. You don't need to show us how you use the funds offered to you.

How am I protected?

Our privacy policy is determined to have your personal information secured. It will be used for the processing of funds only and would always be safe with us.

What are future payables?

Future payables are payoffs which would be received if the case settles in favour.

I'm a contingency lawyer, how would the funds help me grow my business?

We have plenty of business guides who are always there to help you set a plan to enhance your law practice. The funds offered can prove to be very helpful as you won't have to wait for the settlement of the current case. You can have the amount needed to expand your business before the settlement.

I need more information about you.

We would always welcome your calls and are ready to answer all of your confusion, so that we can work together in a proper way.

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