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Fighting notoriously lengthy litigation is often very depressing. Personal injury cases usually take more than an year to settle. It is quite impossible to wait for so long when there is no financial backing to manage the daily living expenses. When a personal injury is incurred, the plaintiffs, since they are not able to work for long, feel helpless as they need to pay heaps of hospital bills, mortgage payments and other living expenses.

This is why we are here to help you sneak out of the problems you are facing related to litigation. We offer lawsuit loans, pre-settlement funding, legal financing, pre-settlement loans, law firm loans and much more. We have one of the best facilities which suit as per your case. We claim to be a trustworthy and reputable source where you can find solution all issues related to your lawsuit. Non-recourse funds are also provided to the plaintiffs. This kind of funds are easily obtained through our plaintiff-friendly application process. No personal credit checks are required and the funds offered come from plaintiffs' future receivables. Future receivables are the payoffs which they would receive, when the case has been settled in favour. To put icing on the cake, if the case has not settled in your favour, you don't have to return the funds offered to you.

As far as the attorneys are concerned, we understand how hard it is to manage the expenses related to a lawsuit, specifically when you are hired on a contingency fee base. We offer funds for contingency attorneys as well so that they can expand their business, manage the expenses related to a particular lawsuit and hire strong witnesses.

Funds which are given to attorneys also come from their future fees, no personal credit checks are needed and should be returned us only if the litigation is won.

We provide loans, both for plaintiffs and attorneys and conditions which are set for loan are pretty much affordable.

How it works?

We are contacted on a toll free number for loans or non-recourse funds by plaintiffs and attorneys. The case is reviewed and entire information of the case is gathered. Once the information is collected some documentation process is done which is quite easy to deal. As soon as the documentation process is complete, funds or loans(as per your requirement)are issued on the very next business day. So getting loan or fund is made very fast and it surely helps you handle dire situation you face while fighting lengthy litigation.

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